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Darin' Erin: Learnin' the ropes | News

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Darin' Erin: Learnin' the ropes
Darin' Erin: Learnin' the ropes

I really need to stop listening to Photographer JJ when he says he has a really good idea.

After we tumbled through FlipFest John Mcready invited me to try the ropes course.

Well it can't be that bad they have a bajillion little kids doing it.

Well boys and girls I was wrong. As soon as I had to climb past the ladder I knew I was in trouble. Plus all I could hear was Photographer JJ laughing and my "guide" Harry telling me that "little kids do this all the time!"

Well the little kid inside of my really does not like climbing trees hoping the man holding the rope is having a good day and that he's not getting a text.

Anywho I finally got up there and decided that I wanted back down. Harry was nice enough to inform me that this was not an option.

Disclaimer: Photographer JJ has done this ropes course before. This may be why I am not a big fan of his as he climbs up with the greatest of ease in about half the time I did.  

I won't entertain you with all the time it took me to actually get across all of the course and the words that JJ probably had to edit out. It is not as easy as it looks and I'm going with the idea that those kids don't know what it is like to fall that far... they will heal fast, I'm old I'll be in traction for years.

Thanks to the folks from FlipFest for having us and I apologize to the kids that heard me squeal high over Crossville.


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